App Challenge 2020 - Meet the winning AI apps of the year!

Security & Safety Things invited app developers worldwide and a number of real innovators joined in. Here are the winning Apps for IoT Cameras - ready to be installed in our Application Store!

Video analytics application winners

Why this App Challenge?

If you don’t know us yet: Security & Safety Things aims to turn security cameras into multi-purpose IoT sensors. We provide you with one standard OS that runs across camera brands and an Application Store with a vast selection of AI enabled apps ready to install.

Our Application Store in numbers: 74 Apps, 30+ partners, 30+ use cases, 25+ industries

App developers, camera users and system integrators using our open platform are thrilled. Now we aim to get more developers to turn their ideas into exciting Camera Apps using our platform. That's why we have organized this App Challenge with a great jury consisting of major players in the industry (Ateksis, Bosch, Convergint Technologies, G4S, KiNGS, Securitas, Security & Safety Things, Vision Technologies).

Proposals were rated according to 4 criteria:

Functionality & user experience: How easy to install and use?

Business case strength: How much added value for the user's business?

Technological feasibility: Suitable for common security cameras?

Innovation: Really groundbreaking or just me too?

What was in for the winners?

Fame is not enough to attract the best Camera App developers worldwide. Therefore, the winners in each of the 3 categories received 10.000 € prize money plus an attractive joint marketing package for promoting the camera apps in our Application Store.

The App Challenge 2020 winners

From 11 finalists, all of whom submitted great proposals, the jury finally selected 3 Apps for Security Cameras that convinced the jury in terms of functionality & user experience, business case strength, technological feasibility and Innovation.

Retail & Commercial Buildings

Winner App: Hand pose detection - Visual Feedback

Developer: TNG Technology Consulting GmbH, Germany

Hand pose detection - Visual Feedback captures human feedback in an entertaining, hygienic and privacy-protecting way by detecting hand gestures such as thumbs up, neutral or down and evaluating feedback in real-time. Hand position detection is more reliable than mood detection as it distinguishes between conscious and unconscious feedback. Recorded people are presented anonymously, which is entertaining and also increases the amount of feedback given, while respecting privacy.

Other exciting Camera Apps for Retail & Commercial Buildings

• AI FaceDetect Deep by Aitech detects faces and distinguishes faces with masks from faces without masks.

• EEN SDVD by Eagle Eye Networks plays an audio warning if people in a queue violate social distancing rules.

• PIN Terminal Blur by Impact Analytics V.O.F. dynamically secures sensitive information by blurring PIN Terminals.

• RetailFlux Occupancy by Linkanalytix monitors indoor sites and detects real-time occupancy rates. 

Transportation & Smart City

Winner App: Dynamic Privacy Mask

Developer: TNG Technology Consulting GmbH, Germany

Dynamic Privacy Mask protects sensitive information and privacy in videos by hiding a freely configurable set of objects such as laptops and keyboards and even people. The App is specifically designed for monitoring public areas, airports, public transportation or retail stores, allowing you to balance surveillance and privacy.

Other exciting Camera Apps for Transportation & Smart City

AI Crowd Deep by A.I. Tech estimates the number of people inside an area and evaluates social distances.

ConPDS ACCR by ConPDS ApS enables Security Cameras with automated container code recognition

ParkingProtect by Sparkline AI provides parking violation protection for gateless off-street parking lots.

Manufacturing & Logistics

Winner App: PackageAlert

Developer: Sparkline Inc., USA

PackageAlert identifies packages left behind in certain regions and/or unsecured locations and notifies an end user (e.g. property manager, business owner, or shift supervisor) via email or SMS so that the recipient can quickly secure misplaced packages. 

Typical use cases are, for example, retail store managers and business owners concerned about staff leaving stock crates in stores aisles or deliveries being made outside working hours or manufacturers and logistics companies with cross-docking concerned about packages being misplaced in logistics warehouse isles, loading areas, or inventory store-rooms.

Another exciting App for Manufacturing & Logistics

Eyespect - Manufacturing Gauge Led Digital by hxd3

We can't mention all the exciting suggestions we have received. However, it was a great pleasure to see so many exciting new Camera Apps with great potential, of which 21 made it into our Application Store!

Missed our App Challenge? Never mind, you can still win!

If you’re an App Developer and you want to make IoT Security Cameras smarter with your ideas and AI software, you can always do so using our open IoT platform with Camera OS and Application Store. Here’s how you profit twice:

Our Camera OS allows you to develop Apps once and reach a wide range of popular security camera systems out there. 

Our Application Store helps you successfully market your Camera Apps worldwide and gain access to new markets.

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