How to choose the right camera system for AI security?

AI technology turns networked cameras into smart business all-rounders. Here is what you should know before investing in a new camera system.

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Similar to smartphones, security cameras are no longer just devices specialized for just one task. Each camera is a platform for a variety of business functions, able to take over important jobs beyond security. Purchasing and implementing a camera system today becomes increasingly strategic as technology decisions you make now will have a significant impact in the future.

A professional camera system, designed to make your business not only safer but also more successful today and in the future, must be able to adapt flexibly to new requirements and grow with your business. This is what you should keep in mind as a user or system integrator when taking your video surveillance to the next level.

At Azena, we recommend you to no longer focus on turnkey solutions, but on camera systems that are modularly designed and can be flexibly customized on both the hardware and software level. Our aim is to support you in making the right technology decisions. However, at this point we can only give an overview without going into too much detail.

Choosing the right hardware

There are countless cameras available, designed for a wide range of applications. Your challenge is to find the right system today that meets your business requirements of tomorrow and, ideally, can be flexibly adapted to new tasks. A camera system should give you the necessary flexibility for incremental growth and adjustments when needed.

Ready-made systems designed for specific purposes can reach their limits in terms of flexibility and adaptability in the long term. However, combo systems are still in use.

Camera types by housing:

Bullet Camera: used outdoors, solid housing, designed for harsh environments.

Dome Camera: used indoors, hide lens, no night vision due to plastic cover.

Vandal Dome Camera: used outdoors, metal housings, vandal-proof dome covers

PTZ Camera: allows to pan, tilt and zooms the lens, manually or programmed.

Cameras for special applications:

C-Mount Camera: removable lenses allow adaptation to different applications.

Day/Night Camera: designed for using in poorly lit and standard environments.

Infrared/Night Vision Camera: designed for poor lighting and darkness.

Most camera systems combine several characteristics in one device. The future will belong to Network/IP Cameras, as data and functions for video surveillance move into the cloud. Depending on your individual business requirements, HD video quality, powerful zoom, use in poor lighting conditions and 5G data transmission into the cloud are critical for running AI computer visions applications in IoT.

Hardware features to be considered

Video resolution: 4K allows video analytics at considerable distances

Storage: Local SD card storage or/and cloud storage

Viewing angle: should be at least 130 degrees for professional use

Viewing distance: from camera to object and horizontal distance

Zoom lens: manual or motorized (required for automation)

Processing: powerful microprocessors enable AI video analytics

Network/IP: transmit recordings over internet, wired or wireless.

WiFi range: according to distances between cameras and routers

5G capability: send video signals wireless via 5 GHz WiFi band

Battery backup: running time reserve in case of power fails

This is only a selection of hardware features that we consider to be crucial for a future-proof video surveillance system. Besides hardware, camera software plays an increasingly important role, which in turn requires a flexible and common camera operating system (OS).

Choosing the right camera OS

Just as smartphones today do not only allow you to make phone calls, modern security cameras are designed to perform and automate a variety of tasks far beyond video surveillance. What you may not know: Android was originally created for video cameras. So it's no coincidence that we built our camera OS based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

"The exact same platform, the exact same operating system we built for cameras, that became Android for cellphones." - Andy Rubin, Android co-founder

Our camera OS lets you run a wide range of apps for different applications straight in the devices. In our Application Store you find a variety of video analytics apps, specifically designed for cameras using our OS. These apps help you get much more out of your cameras than just video surveillance. 

“Equipped with AI, cameras become business all-rounders, making your business not only safer but also more efficient and successful.” - Andy Penfold, IoT Enthusiast

What a future-proof camera OS should offer

Setting standards for creating groundbreaking and secure camera apps

Giving access to the latest AI technology available in a easy-to-use marketplace

Open for cameras from all manufacturers and apps from developers worldwide

Data security by design through latest technology and continuous improvement

We at Azena have built our open OS for cameras according to these principles. It allows you to equip your cameras with the all AI capabilities you need to make your business not only safer but more successful.

Choosing the right camera Apps

Many camera systems are designed for specific applications, equipped with specific hardware and software as combo solutions. Azena follows a different approach, moving away from ready-made systems to flexible future-proof platforms. 

We have built an open IoT platform for security cameras that enables seamless integration and management of networked cameras, unleashing a new generation of AI-based security applications. In our Application Store you find camera apps for AI video analytics for various applications and industries.

Browsing through our Application Store, you will understand why the days of fully configured systems are over. The future belongs to high-performance cameras that can be flexibly adapted to new challenges. 

Azena offers you a solid foundation for future-proof camera systems.

Azena provides you with everything you need to take your business to the next level: our open platform for IoT cameras, camera OS and marketplace for the latest AI apps. Sign up for our newsletter to stay informed. 

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