AI for security cameras: from expense to profit center

Security has its price. For this reason, security systems are widely considered a business expense. But what if smart cameras earned their own costs and even generated additional revenues?

turning smart video solutions into profit centers

The fact that security cameras can help make money is not new to security system integrators. Users consider surveillance cameras more as a cost factor than as a source of income. This needs to change now, because modern cameras can do much more than just provide video surveillance to ensure security and safety. 

Below we show you how IoT cameras equipped with AI apps can help increase revenue by improving customer experience or even boosting sales.

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But let's take a look at the technology of networked security cameras first...

Equipped with powerful processors and connected via 5G bandwidth, modern cameras are able to perform complex tasks such as video data analysis. Much like today's smartphones, specific apps enable cameras, for example, to recognize people or objects in video material.When recognizing specific events, they can autonomously execute actions and automate business processes.

In our Application Store you find a wide range of apps for various camera functions and applications beyond security and safety.

For the apps you find in our Application Store to run on your cameras, they must be equipped with our camera OS, that serves as the industry standard for security cameras, based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). What Android is for your smartphone, our OS is for your cameras. It sets standards for app developers who develop new solutions for security cameras using our operating system. 

Security & Safety Things gives you access to the latest AI technologies that can be easily tested and installed on your cameras with a few clicks. You are always up to date and get constant inspiration to make more out of your security systems.

3 ways to increase revenue using smart security cameras

Conventional security cameras are made to help you with security surveillance. Smart IoT cameras, empowered by AI Apps, can not only deliver video data, but also analyze data directly in the devices. This enables cameras to help improve operations and thus business success in various industries. 

The great thing about customizing cameras using Security & Safety Things is that you can't just install one app per camera, but combine a whole range of functions on one device. Here are some examples of selected camera applications showing that security cameras can be real business all-rounders.

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Retail: Use video analytics to improve buying experience and sales

Smart cameras enable retailers to make their sales smarter and more efficient. To achieve this, different capabilities can be added to each camera in a store.

Direct visitors to tailored offers: Let smart security cameras recognize visitors by gender and age and, connected to digital displays on sales floors, trigger customized promotions and measure customer reaction.

Suitable Apps in our Application Store: AI Bio DEEP, Emotion Analysis Demo

Use hidden potentials on your sales floor: Smart video analytics helps retailers make the best use of their sales floor by identifying areas of heavy traffic and dead spots. Changes can be easily tested and improved during operation.

Suitable Apps in our Application Store: SAIMOS Count and Heat-mapping, FLOW Retail, RetailFlux Shopper Flow

Example: Optimizing sales areas using RetailFlux Shopper Flow Heat Mapping

smart video analytics retail-flux

Source: Linkanalytix

Increase visitor flow at checkouts & avoid queues: By analyzing visitors' movements in stores, smart camera systems can help predict crowds and queues at checkouts and inform or activate staff early.

Suitable Apps in our Application Store: AI Crowd, AI People, RetailFlux Queue, RetailFlux Counter, SAIMOS Counting

Keep your shelves always filled: Keeping shelves filled is a challenge for retailers, especially in major stores with a large number of fast-moving goods. Smart cameras equipped with object detection can help automate and improve managing stock in-store and in warehouses.

Entertainment: Use video analytics to improve visitor experience

Managing crowds in stadiums or at large events brings conventional video surveillance to its limits. Human eyes cannot keep track of extremely dynamic situations, but smart cameras can.

Increase throughput rate at kiosks: Let smart cameras analyze crowd movement to avoid overcrowding in critical areas and redirect traffic to alternative sales points in time.

Suitable Apps in our Application Store: AI Crowd, AI People, RetailFlux Queue, RetailFlux Counter, SAIMOS Counting

Improve parking experience for visitors: Smart parking management based on video surveillance can help better direct traffic and allows visitors to find free parking spaces more quickly. Automated license plate recognition can speed up entries and exits of cars.

Suitable Apps in our Application Store: DeepParking, FLOW Parking, FLOW Traffic

Identify best spaces for advertising and merchandising: Automatic recognition and analysis of visitor behavior can help localize visitor flows and better use spaces for commercial purposes.

Suitable Apps in our Application Store: SAIMOS Count and Heatmapping, FLOW Retail, RetailFlux Shopper FlowWhitepaper CTA (18)

Transportation: Use video analytics to improve passenger experience

Where many people need to be managed at the same time, smart surveillance cameras can help direct traffic flows and avoid crowding. This not only increases passengers’ safety and security in railway stations and airports, but also improves travel experience.

There are very similar approaches to smart video analytics in public transportation as there are in retail and entertainment. Smart apps you find in our Application Store enable IoT cameras to recognize people based on demographic characteristics and behavior patterns and to trigger appropriate actions.

AI allows you to continuously monitor visitor traffic and forecast critical events at an early stage. Smart camera Apps are even able to detect positive and negative human emotions, for example, to counteract aggression and violent behavior at an early stage.

Example: Recognizing and reacting to people's emotions and moods using Emotion Analysis Demo

smart analytics visage-tech-emotion

How to start getting more out of security cameras

New AI technologies for IoT cameras offer system integrators and users endless possibilities to boost their businesses.

Surveillance camera users should start considering their devices not just as expense items, but should turn their technical infrastructure into a profit center. 

Security system integrators should use the examples given above to inspire their customers and create new groundbreaking solutions.

Security & Safety Things provides you with everything you need to take your business to the next level: our open platform for IoT cameras, camera OS and marketplace for the latest AI apps.

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