AI-based IntelliVision Products  

Intellivision started the partnership with Azena in 2021 and released four AI-based applications for Azena platform. Intellivision applications available on Azena application store are described below. 


AI-based IntelliVision Products  

Growth of the global IP camera market and advances of the Internet of Things and neural network technologies led to rapid development and spread of various video analytics software in the past decade. 

Video analytics is a technology that uses computer vision algorithms to process images to detect or classify objects. 

Such technologies can be used to generate events depicting what is happening in the video. This information would allow to provide security of private houses and commercial premises.  

Video analytics can also benefit organizations in optimizing business processes providing more data about customer behavior, which can be helpful in many ways like increased sales, time savings, and reduction in losses. 

IntelliVision is among the market leaders in AI and Deep Learning-based video analytics and video cloud software. The company was founded in 2002 in San Jose, California, United States. Evolving year by year, our software is accumulating technological capabilities. At the same time, we are flexible to change and develop our products understanding the market and as well as customer needs.  

Advanced Video Analytics Suite 

Video analytics suite is a set of detectors that process IP camera streams and send alerts in case of true detections. This application can be implemented for wide range of scenarios due to variety of detectors. Advanced Video Analytics Suite use cases include Security and Surveillance, healthcare, retail, etc. 

The set of advanced video analytics includes: 

Object Classification 

Uses AI-based approach to classify objects by type: person, vehicle, pet, airplane etc. 

Intelli-Vision 1

Loitering/Dwell detector  

Sends an alert when a person has been in a specified area for more than a specified time. 

Intelli-Vision 3Intelli-Vision 4

Wrong Direction detector 

Sends an alert when a person is moving towards user-specified direction. 

   A picture containing indoor, ceiling, floor, arIntelli-Vision 2

Fall/Duress detector 

Sends an alert when a person has fallen or is under duress. 


Person Running detector 

Sends an alert when a running person is detected. 

Intelli-Vision 5

Object Counter 

Counts people, vehicles, and other objects.  

Intelli-Vision 6

Crowd detector 

Sends an alert if detects a user-specified number of people remaining on the scene during the user-specified period. 

Intelli-Vision 7

Intelli-Vision 8Intelli-Vision 9


Allows to visualize the most popular and unpopular zones of the scene. 

Intelli-Vision 10

Perimeter Protection  

IntelliVision’s Video Analytics products add artificial intelligence to cameras by analyzing video content in real-time, extracting metadata, sending out alerts and providing actionable intelligence to security personnel or other systems. 

Along with Object Classification mentioned above, the Perimeter Protection suite provides such video analytic detectors as: 

Intrusion detector 

Intrusion Detection provides automated perimeter monitoring and secure area protection.  

    Intelli-Vision 12Intelli-Vision 13

Camera Tamper (Sabotage) 

Detects any attempts to tamper with the camera, like attempts to block the camera’s field of view partially or completely, or drastically change the camera angle. 

Intelli-Vision 14

Line Crossing 

Line Counter detects moving objects which cross the defined line. Entry/exit direction can be defined, and the line can be drawn in any direction. 

Intelli-Vision 16

Intelli-Vision 17

Face Detection 

Analyzes video in real-time and detects faces in the scene. 

Intelli-Vision 18

Intelligent Motion Detection 

The Motion Detector module analyzes video in real-time and detects valid motion in a scene. 

Intelli-Vision 19

Object Left Detection 

Real-time algorithms detect packages/objects that have been left unattended for too long and is not part of the normal scene, or when an object is removed. The system generates events with the location and size of the detected objects. 

It is ideal for smart home systems, retail stores, small and medium businesses, commercial buildings, warehouses. 

    Intelli-Vision 20Intelli-Vision 21

Multicamera People Tracking 

Multi-Camera People Tracking or Multi-Camera Analytics (MCA) software is designed to track people and object movements over the indoor area using multiple cameras. MCA uses information about camera location, height, and orientation to map visual objects to the floor map.  

MCA matches information from multiple cameras and produces specific events and high-level object information with coordinates in floor map coordinate system. This information can be consumed by some MCA client application. MCA operates in real time mode. 

Some of MCA Basic Features are described below: 

Object Detection and Tracking 

MCA is based on Object Detection and Tracking. These processes include Object Detection, Tracking – collecting Single-camera tracking data and integrating this data to Multi-camera tracking and Reidentification – recovering Object ID if the object leaves camera’s field of view. 

Intelli-Vision 22

Social Distance Monitoring (SDM)  

SDM computes the distance between people standing next to each other and creates an alert if this distance is less than a specified value, for more than a defined period of time.  

SDM is particularly useful when it is required to keep a safe distance between people in a public space. 

Intelli-Vision 23


The heat mapping feature tracks movement in real time, using a video from cameras together with analytics software.  

This feature aggregates data about people’s foot traffic and creates charts of their movements. 

Intelli-Vision 24

IntelliVision Products are widely implemented, either singly or in combination. User-friendly API and interface make them easy-to-deploy so that our customers can immediately start their experience with IV software and get the benefits of using it.  

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