85+ Startups & Innovators Revolutionizing AI Computer Vision - Check them out!

AI and Computer Vision are the magic duo in IoT technology. We take a look at brand new startups and innovators taking video technology to the next level. 

75 startups

AI Video Analytics is driving digitization in many industries - security, retail, manufacturing, logistics, entertainment and many more. As the computer vision market and the amount of applications grow, so does the number of innovative solution providers.

Providing an open platform - OS and Application Store - for security cameras to be empowered with AI video analytics, we at Azena are constantly monitoring the evolution of new technologies in the field of computer vision.

From time to time, we present exciting startups and innovators here in our blog. Since the amount is huge, we can not feature each in detail. We choose the ones related to computer vision that might be of interest to you. Feel free to visit their websites for more information.

By the way: Find similar applications for AI video analytics, such as object, event and people detection, in our Application Store for security cameras.

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1. Actuate, USA

Actuate's AI camera software detects guns, intruders, people flow, crowds, loitering, and social distancing issues with existing security cameras, no hardware required.

2. Advertima, Switzerland

Advertima visually interprets human behavior in the physical world, enabling smart spaces of the future to interact with people in seamless and meaningful ways.

3. AEye, USA

AEye creates AI-driven systems for vehicle autonomy, driver-assistance, and robotic vision applications to save lives and propel the future of transportation.

4. AiCure, USA

AiCure delivers patient insights to improve clinical trials, engaging patients via smartphones to deliver meaningful, high-quality data around patient behavior to sponsors and sites.

5. Ainnovation, China

Ainnovation’s AI-based solutions help companies in retail, IT and other industries optimize their business or production process, reduce costs, improve operational efficiency and flexibility.

6. Airobotics, Israel

Airobotics has developed an unmanned drone solution that provides an end-to-end, fully automatic solution for collecting aerial data and gaining invaluable insights.

7. AnyClip, Israel

AnyClip’s platform helps to extract data from video, convert latent video libraries into high-performance assets that can be discovered, searched, measured and merchandised.

8. Aquify, USA

Aquifi's Fluid Vision combines 3D vision and deep learning for automating highly repetitive, high throughput enterprise processes.

9. Arterys, USA

Arterys provides a medical imaging AI platform allowing to weave AI clinical applications directly into existing PACS or EHR driven workflow. 


Visualize and quantify flow in the human heart. - Source: Arterys

10. Athena, USA

Athena provides turnkey hardware and software solutions leveraging elevated temperature detection, people counting sensors and visual gun detection.

11. Athenascope, USA

Using cutting-edge developments in computer vision and artificial intelligence, Athenascope analyzes gameplay and automatically surfaces the most compelling gameplay moments.

12. Attentive AI, India

Commercial Landscapers use Attentive’s automated property measurement software to measure and bid faster.

13. Betterview, USA

The Betterview platform provides property insight and workflow tools to help Insurance companies accelerate decisions and improve risk at every point of the policy lifecycle.

14. Blink AI, USA

BlinkAI provides patented machine learning algorithms based on visual neuroscience to deliver the efficiency of biological vision to existing camera-based imaging systems.

15. Blue River Technology, USA

Blue River Technology’s solution leverages deep learning algorithms paired with a computer vision system to create the ultimate virtual field scout for agriculture

16. Bossa Nova Robotics, USA

Bossa Nova automates the collection and analysis of on-shelf inventory data, helping retailers improve product availability, streamline operations, and create a better shopping experience.

17. Buildots, Israel

Platform designed to enable maximum control of construction processes at minimal effort. The solution turns every site walk into valuable process data.

Collect and analyze construction site data using a hardhat mounted camera. - Source: Buildots

18. Calipsa, UK

Using the latest deep learning technology, Calipsa’s cloud-based False Alarm Filtering Platform removes over 90% of false alarms using AI video analytics.

19. Camect, USA

Camect’s AI understands objects that security cameras see and raises alerts for only the interesting events — completely eliminating false alerts from bugs, animals, leaves, rain, etc.

20. Cawamo, USA

Cawamo's hybrid system combines Cloud and Edge Computing for virtually zero false alerts and detections for surveillance systems.

21. Chooch.ai, USA

Chooch is an artificial intelligence training platform and API for facial and image recognition.

22. Clarifai, USA

Clarifai offers an end-to-end solution for modeling unstructured data for the entire AI lifecycle, enabling powerful image, video and text recognition solutions.

23. Clearview AI, Australia

Facial recognition search engine for law enforcement to use as a tool to help generate high-quality investigative leads, including the largest known database of 3+ billion facial images.

24. CloudSight, USA

Cloudsight's AI applies computer vision to provide detailed and fine-grained object recognition in images.

25. Connectome.ai, Russia

Connectome.ai developmens and implements solutions in the areas of computer vision, machine learning, object recognition and video analytics.

26. Conxai Technologies, Germany

CONXAI's modular no-code platform uses AI-based sensor fusion of images and sensor data to analyse and interpret jobsite activities.

27. Darsa AI, India

Video Analytics software platform that adds intelligence in existing surveillance cameras to perform visual inspections, reporting, and alert management with Industry 4.0 standards.

28. DarwinAI, Canada

DarwinAI leverages Explainable AI, a collection of technologies to reveal how and why AI makes the decisions that it does and build enterprise AI solutions.

29. DataRobot, USA

DataRobot’s Enterprise AI platform allows users to prepare their data, create and validate machine learning models, and deploy and monitor those models in a single solution. 

30. Deep Render, UK

London based AI start-up develops the next generation of media compression algorithms, using proprietary and patented technology.

31. Deep Sentinel, USA

Deep Sentinel pairs Artificial Intelligence with human intervention to fix security for good: cameras detect motion, AI assesses the situation, human guards are engaged

32. DeepVision, USA

DeepVision utilizes advanced computer vision to unlock the value of images and videos across a variety of industries and use cases, such as smart cities, retail & ecommerce and media.

33. Descartes Labs, USA

The Descartes Labs geospatial processing platform helps users answer questions about the physical world using a wide range of data types and sources.

34. Dioram, Russia

Computer Vision and Machine Learning SLAM solutions for hardware manufacturers enabling inside-out device positional tracking for AR/VR, robotics, drones or autonomous vehicles.

35. Cipia, Israel

Cipia’s sensing solutions for the in-car environment include an advanced driver monitoring system, an occupancy and interior monitoring system, and aftermarket video telematics.

Tracking head pose, blink rate, direction of gaze and other visual attributes to establish if the driver is focused on the road, distracted or drowsy.


Source: Cipia

36. eYs3D, Taiwan

eYs3D provides a full end-to-end computer vision platform and solution, including ready-to-use hardware and software development for AR/VR and robotics.

37. Falkonry, USA

Falkonry helps discover insights hidden in operational data and deliver timely, actionable intelligence for plant personnel, process or maintenance engineers, line operators, analysts etc.

38. Hawk-Eye Innovations, UK

Hawk-Eye has developed a sophisticated vision processing technology for sports and entertainment which helps to not only trackballs to mm accuracy but also players and cars.

39. Hover, USA

Hover’s AI App creates a fully interactive 3D model of any property using your smartphone to measure, design, and estimate home improvement projects.

40. ICEBERG Sports Analytics, Canada

ICEBERG uses AI & Computer Vision to help teams & organizations enhance efficiencies in player development, management and advancement through automated data & video analysis.

41. Instrumental, USA

Instrumental delivers AI-powered proactive defect discovery, end-to-end failure analysis tools, and remote real-time build monitoring, all in a single simple cloud platform.

42. Mapillary, USA

3D reconstruction and semantic segmentation connect images and extract map data at scale for smart cities, geospatial services, and autonomous vehicles.

43. Matterport, USA

Matterport’s 3D data platform enables anyone to turn a space into an accurate and immersive digital twin which can be used to design, build, operate, promote, and understand any space.

Creating 3D virtual tours of a retail store using VR/ Digital twin technology. - Source: Matterport

44. Metawave, USA

Metawave’s analog beam steering radar system for autonomous driving is able to distinguish between objects close in proximity, and in difficult driving scenarios and in all-weather conditions.

45. Monitoreal, Cyprus

Monitoreal is a smart video monitoring assistant that keeps your private data off the cloud.

46. Motesque, Germany

Motesque analyzes human movement using proprietary technologies, to capture both articulated motion and individual physical body shapes.


Nauto provides a real-time, AI-enabled fleet and driver safety platform that helps predict, prevent and end distracted driving.

48. Nelysis, USA

Nelysis offers solutions for detection, warning and prevention of cyber threats on Physical Security and Control System networks

49. NEXT Future Transportation, USA

Next is a smart transportation system based on swarms of modular electric vehicles. Each module can join and detach with other modules on standard city roads.

50. Nyris, German

Nyris provides a visual search platform that gives users a more natural way to find what they are looking for, using AI image recognition. 

51. Obsidian Security, USA

Obsidian’s platform enables SaaS security and hardening out-of-the-box by delivering data engineering, data science, and threat research for security teams.

52. Occipital, USA

Occipital’s 3D vision lets users unlock a new set of capabilities for the devices they already own, whether smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.

53. Odd Industries, Chile

Odd Industries builds special cameras to detect a greater range of frequencies, called hyperspectral cameras, capable of obtaining complete information from a band of the spectrum.

4K-capturing 100 hectares of Oncol Natural Reserve in Chile 


Source: Odd Industries

54. Onfido, UK

Onfido’s AI-based technology assesses whether a user’s government-issued ID is genuine or fraudulent, and then compares it against their facial biometrics

55. OptiSol, India

OptiSol trains algorithms to analyze images and videos to detect and segment objects of interest and perform downstream analysis on the data.

56. Orbital Insight, USA

Orbital’s platform is designed to simplify the use of location data, allowing users to query the world according to type of activity, place and time.

57. Orca AI, Israel 

Orca AI provides an AI-powered marine collision avoidance system that provides real-time insights, allowing to get data-driven decisions.

58. OrCam Technologies, Israel

OrCam’s assistive technology enables people who are blind or visually impaired to read text, recognize faces, identify products – and much more.

59. Osmo, USA

Osmo's “Reflective AI” System allows iPad or iPhone's front-facing cameras to recognize and track objects in children’s physical play space.

60. Pagarba Solutions, USA

Pagarba provides an IoT video analytics platform for visual inspection, designed for sustainable maritime and aquaculture ecosystems.

61. Plus One Robotics, USA

Plus One Robotics develops vision software for logistics robots, giving robots the eye-hand coordination to pick and place objects in warehouses and logistics.

Plus One Robotics

Source: Plus One Robotics

62. Prophesee, France

Prophesee uses a patented sensor design and AI algorithms that mimic eye and brain to reveal what was invisible until now using standard frame-based. 

63. Prospera, Israel 

Prospera’s hardware-agnostic technologies use ML and computer vision to provide insights for navigating critical decision points in agricultural processes.

64. Radar, USA

Radar provides a geofencing platform designed to improve operations with SDKs, APIs, and dashboards, trip tracking, geocoding, and search.

65. Ravin.ai, USA

Ravin uses computer vision and deep learning to detect and monitor vehicle conditions leveraging mobile phones and standard CCTV cameras.

66. Recogni, USA

Recogni created a vision-oriented artificial intelligence platform for autonomous vehicles to help visually identify objects on the road in real time.


REELY uses computer vision and deep learning to automatically identify, clip, and distribute sports highlights from video footage.

68. Roboflow, USA

Roboflow empowers developers to build their own computer vision apps, streamlining the process between labeling data and training a model. 

69. Seervision, Switzerland 

Seervision builds software for camera automation designed to make live video production effortless, powered by computer vision and machine learning.

70. SenSat, UK

SenSat’s visualisation platform is a cloud-based site management tool that allows users to track and visualise dynamic project performance.

71. SenseB4, USA

SenseB4 automates all manual tasks of maintaining and securing physical security devices such as the password management in large camera estates.

72. Sigmind.ai, Bangladesh

Sigmind’s AI video analytics products add intelligence to video cameras by analyzing the video content, extracting metadata, sending out real-time alerts etc.

73. SkinVision, Netherlands

SkinVision is a medical service that helps assess skin spots and moles for the most common types of skin cancer.

74. Sky Engine, UK

Sky Engine’s AI platform for deep learning in virtual reality is designed to overcome the complex object recognition challenges of modern machine/computer vision.

75. Skyqraft, Sweden

Skyqraft provides an AI analysis system to detect any faults on power lines, enabling the automation of inspections using drone technology. 

76. SPORTLOGiQ, Canada

Sportlogiq delivers performance insights supported by AI-driven data sets to support teams and help broadcasters to create content that excites and informs.

77. Standard Cognition, USA

Enabling autonomous checkout for brick & mortar retailers with a modern AI-powered computer vision platform.

78. Traces AI, Ukraine

Traces AI helps extract actionable data from every camera for various applications such as contact tracing, forensic search, people counting.

79. Tractable, UK

Tractable helps P&C insurers, manufacturers, fleet owners worldwide to apply artificial intelligence to photos and video and create fast and accurate assessments.

AI Video inspection helping insurers with accident and disaster recovery

Source: Tractable

80. Trigo, Israel

Trigo’s vision-based retail operating system enables anonymous shopper tracking, detecting interactions with products, product classification, and more. 

81. Unfolded.ai, USA

Unfolded offers location-based products and services to help organizations gain the most targeted and useful insights from the wealth of geospatial data available today.

82. VDOO, Israel

Vdoo provides an end-to-end product security platform for automating all software security tasks throughout the entire product lifecycle.

83. Veo Robotics, USA

Veo Robotics provides a video-based safety system for industrial workcells, enabling safe interaction between humans and robots.

84. VergeSense, USA

VergeSense’s deep learning sensors capture and analyze occupancy data, providing real-world insights that make optimizing working-environments easier. 

85. Visillect, Russia

Visillect provides a wide range of services in vision systems and industrial automation, also CCTV camera qpps for vehicle classification and license plate recognition.

86. viso.ai, Switzerland

Viso Suite enables businesses to create and deploy real-time Computer Vision and Deep Learning applications.

87. Yumain, France

Smart industrial recognition solutions with embedded AI, for real-time inspection, on-site detection of pedestrians/vehicles, detection of the wearing of PPE, intrusion detection etc.

88. Zebra Medical Vision, Israel

Zebra-Med is empowering radiologists with AI medical imaging services which helps health providers manage the ever-increasing workload without compromising quality.

This list could go on. New exciting applications and innovative companies are constantly arising to take computer vision to the next level with AI video analytics and other smart technologies. If you are interested in upgrading your video cameras with smart capabilities, visit our Application Store now. Here you will find dozens of camera apps, that help you make your business safer and more efficient. 

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