5 Hot new start-ups at ISC West 2019

At ISC West 2019 you can expect many exciting startups who, like us, want to help companies get more out of their security systems in the IoT. See here which 5 startups we are especially looking forward to meet in Las Vegas.

5 hot start-ups worth meeting at ISC West 2019

1. ACK Data


Data collection through video surveillance is an emerging source of revenue which is missed each and every year because its potential and value is simply unrecognized.

By evaluating and analyzing content with ACK’s solution “Recall“, companies can generate revenue, which clearly affects the bottom line.

Rather than destroy collected data after 30 days, businesses should learn to evaluate that information and determine how it can be a revenue generator.

Learn more about ACK Data:

Meet ACK Data at ISC West, Booth 40926

2. Camcloud



Using any webcam or IP camera from leading brands such as Axis, Foscam, TRENDnet, VIVOTEK and others, users can quickly setup a video monitoring system for your property in minutes.

Camcloud’s cloud service comes complete with cloud storage for your recordings, live video viewing from anywhere and easy-to-use mobile apps.

Learn more about Camcloud:

Meet Camcloud at ISC West, Booth 40931

3. Spectral Edge

spectral edge


Spectral Edge develops low-light performance tech for video surveillance cameras.

By dynamically fusing RGB & IR data in real time Spectral Edge’s tech enhances overall camera performance by extending the time period for usable colors.

Instead of an arbitrary switch over between visible and NIR views, cameras powered by Spectral Edge provide a blend of both, maximizing resulting video quality & image recognition capabilities.

Spectral Edge’s integrates with security cameras’ SoC’s including next-gen IP cameras.

Learn more about Spectral Edge:

Meet Spectral Edge at ISC West, Booth 41030

4. WildFaces

wild faces


WildFaces.ai’s patented “On-the-Move” Facial Analytics system can work on moving cameras on drones, wearables and robots. It can recognize and track faces in real time in uncontrolled crowds at far distances.

The system is computing light requiring no GPU and ONE low-resolution camera can replace 50 higher resolution fixed cameras from other traditional facial recognition systems making it very cost effective.

WildFaces self-developed proprietary core algorithms can be easily customized to meet specific use cases across 30+ industries, making it ready to deploy that can be useful to smart cities, smart banking, smart campuses, smart manufacturing, smart buildings, retail malls/e-stores, construction sites, and more.

Learn more about WildFaces: 

Meet WildFaces at ISC West, Booth 32086

5. Nirovision


Nirovision’s core product processes video to alert users in real-time when relevant activity occurs.

These activities consist of a person being detected, a face being recognised, or a custom question like “Is the pool table occupied?” being answered.

No matter what the activity is, though, it always involves a video feed.

As business today is conducted on the go and not behind a desk in a security control room, Nirovision has built a mobile-first experience for video analytics.

Meet Nirovision at ISC West, Booth 1098

We wish all 5 start-ups a good time in Las Vegas and look forward to exciting chats!

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