4 AI apps for security cameras to boost sales that you didn't know

Security cameras can do things you wouldn't expect them to do, such as analyzing shopping carts, detecting customer emotions, recognizing fallen customers and more. Find out here what smart video analytics can do for your business.

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Huge stores are complex and dynamic systems, almost impossible for people to keep a complete overview at all times. There are many conditions and coincidences that can severely affect the shopping experience in your store. On the other hand there are many ways to improve sales, for example by observing and analyzing customer behavior.

In a series of blog posts, we give you an idea of how retailers can take their business to the next level using security cameras equipped with latest AI technology.

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We at Azena aim to help retailers get more out of their camera systems. Our open IoT platform, camera OS and application store give you access to the latest AI technologies empowering your cameras with smart video analytics. 

AI applications for security cameras that retailers should know

The Apps discussed here can be easily installed and tested in our Application Store. The only thing you need to do is equip your cameras with our camera OS. Then you can start with just a few clicks, just like you do with a smartphone App Store.

Spill detection: Recognize accidents in stores fast

Accidents involving people do not only occur in “dangerous” spaces. In stores, customers or employees can fall unexpectedly at any time, stumbling or suffering a heart attack. The larger your sales floor is, the more difficult it is for your staff to recognize incidents in time. 

Smart Camera Systems equipped with Video Analytics can help your staff keep an eye on the entire scene and detect incidents when they occur.

Example: AI Spill is a Video Analytics App to detect the falling of a person, or a person lying on the ground. Thanks to advanced AI the App allows you to reach an accuracy higher than 80% (according developer). In this video you see how the system analyzes the different phases of a fall and gives alarm when it is obvious that a person cannot get up.


Did you know? Spill detection also refers to another type of Video Analytics, which, for example, enables robots to scan inventory and automatically analyze stock on shelves. This way smart Security Cameras can also help retailers with inventory management.

Get to know more about our smart retail solutions.

Emotion analysis: How customers react to shop windows

Customer emotions are key in retail. Your customers show very clearly how they feel in your store, what they like and what they don't like about your commerce. This offers a great opportunity for retailers to learn more about what’s doing well and where to improve. 

Shop windows are critical for attracting customers to stores. Using smart cameras with Video Analytics can help retailers design their shop windows to be more appealing.

Example: Emotion Analysis Demo performs emotion, gender and age estimation on faces found in video frames. Results of emotion analysis are displayed on an easy-to-use user dashboard including real-time camera stream, doughnut chart showing emotion statistics and images with current faces detected, emotions, age and gender.


Smart checkout: Detect and record products automatically

Self-service is a mega-trend in retail. Especially for loose goods not labelled with barcodes, such as fruits and vegetables, there is high potential for process automation to relieve staff and empower customers to help themselves.

Smart Security Cameras equipped with AI Video Analytics automatically identify fruit and vegetables in two scenarios, so that nobody has to deal with types and varieties anymore: First, when customers weigh goods themselves to generate barcode labels; second, at checkouts, where it will be common practice in the near future for shopping carts to be scanned automatically. In both areas AI video technology can simplify and secure these processes simultaneously. 

Example: Neurala Brain Builder Checkout is based on a technology installed on 56 million devices worldwide, lowering the data requirements for AI model development and enabling continuous learning in the cloud or at the edge. Dedicated learning models enable the Camera App to detect even hard to identify objects such as fruits in plastic bags or in poor lighting conditions.


Learn more about and get Neurala Brain Builder Checkout

Park Control: Detect & prevent unauthorized parking

For retailers who only have limited parking space for their customers, unauthorized parking is a major challenge. Once parked, cars steal customers' parking spaces while their owners shop elsewhere. Smart parking surveillance using Security Cameras and AI can help retailers keep their parking spaces available for real customers. 

Imagine your outdoor camera system detecting cars while parking and connected to outdoor displays reminding owners that your parking space is for customers only. Or your cameras automatically recognize who enters your shop and who disappears somewhere else and help you track the culprits by registering the licence number plates.

Example: FLOW Parking is a fully optimized solution for automatic detection of parked vehicles in user-defined areas providing real-time occupancy data, measuring the time of staying for each vehicle, detection of blocking vehicles, and more. It's designed for indoor and outdoor parking lots and it could be used for on-street and off-street monitoring.


Learn more about and get FLOW Parking

What’s your favourite Video Analytics Application?

You see there is a lot of potential in your security cameras to boost shopping experience and sales in your store. In our Application Store for Security Cameras you find a lot of applications and inspiration for your retail business!

Browse through the latest AI technologies and gain access to a worldwide community of developers burning to bring new ideas to life. That's what we do at Azena with our open IoT platform for security cameras.

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