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Easily integrate video analytics into your hospital's workflow and provide a safer environment for your patients.

Problems we help solve

Our AI applications provide 95% accuracy to predict and prevent bed falls, optimize processes, and track assets to improve patient comfort and experience.

bed fall prevention

Bed Fall Prevention

Azena bed fall prevention solutions can generate tier alerts to help you differentiate between a person lying on a bed, sitting up, or someone who is about to fall.

  • Save up to millions each year in damages that occur as a result of bed falls.
  • Customized one-stop solution to predict and prevent patient falls.
  • Customizable alerts will notify care workers of critical patients' movements that could lead to bed falls so they can take necessary action with confidence.

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impact of falls and calculate the solution cost for your hospital or care facility.

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asset tracking

Asset Tracking

Azena provides video analytics to prevent your assets from going missing which can delay patient care.

  • Prevent equipment theft with smart cameras to save millions.
  • Do not worry about your inventory and focus on patients instead with our app solutions.
  • Keep track of the occupancy and location of assets with an easy-to-use dashboard.
bed logistics

Bed Logistics

Azena video analytics can help hospital management keep track of the location and availability of beds to reduce delays.

  • Before the COVID pandemic, costs calculated by the NHS equaled 2.4 Billion USD - 99.8% of these costs are attributed to patient management (this includes unclean bed use).
  • Automate bed logistics to increase efficiency and relieve the pressure on your staff.
  • Save up to 78 Million USD a year that are caused by cancellation and delays.
sterile processing

Sterile Processing

Video analytics from Azena can help hospitals keep track of the use and storage of medical instruments.

  • Let cameras identify unused equipment during surgery to save up to $200k annually spent on unnecessary resterilization.
  • Tap into an average savings potential of up to $2.8 million a year via a 70% reduction in instrument processing through sterile supply departments.
  • Keep track of the instruments that are used during surgery with our app solutions.
rapid access check

Rapid Access Check

Instantly check for missing or incorrectly worn safety gear or personal protective equipment.

  • Ensure safe entry into patient and quarantine zones with Azena video analytics.
  • Automate entry control to increase efficiency and relieve the pressure on your staff.
  • Analyze in real-time and keep compliance documentation up-to-date.

Our Solution Advantages

Integration Icon

Easy Integration

Integrate our solutions into the tools and systems your hospital or care facility already uses.

Multiple Apps Icon

Run Multiple Apps

Run bed fall prevention, asset tracking, bed logistics, or sterile processing apps in parallel if desired.


High Data Privacy

Keep patients' data secure. Our video analytics run on the edge and no data is saved in the cloud.

Flexible Solutions Icon

Flexible Solutions

You are not locked-in to any single camera vendor and can use multiple brands if desired.


Using AI to Drive Efficiency and Quality in Healthcare Operations

Download our Healthcare white paper for further insights on:

  • How AI video analytics helps improve healthcare operations 
  • Patient and asset management
  • The future of AI video analytics in healthcare
  • How to start with Azena AI video analytics


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