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App Developers

Build camera apps the simpler way, and monetize at scale


What if you had to develop your app just once?

Just once for it to go across almost every platform, device and manufacturer. Just once to sell it to a global audience.

For our open camera OS, you can develop new apps in a breeze. Or port existing apps across to our platform.

We take care of the logistics for you.


Develop your app just once

See your app work effortlessly across almost every platform, device and manufacturer. Plus, you can also port existing apps across to our OS.

Create more powerful apps

Increase the capability and value of the apps you build. Access to the raw data stream offers powerful algorithm processing.

Let us handle the logistics

We take care of payments, export control and so much more. So you can focus on making your app a global success.

Get to know our platform

The Azena platform transforms the way you develop video analytics applications.


Benefit from our open OS for security cameras

We built our secure, open OS on AOSP. So any app you develop will run on any compatible camera. And it’s completely free, so you get a global scale for your apps.

Azena-enabled cameras

Browse cameras from different manufacturers that already run the Azena operating system.


Offer your apps to a global audience through Application Store

Showcase your apps to end-customers and integrators browsing Application Store. And give them the option to instantly download and trial your apps so they can feel confident to find the solutions they need.


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Develop with our full support

We want to make things easier for you. So we give you access to our extensive toolchain, codecs, emulators, API frameworks, and detailed developer documentation. See how the developer environment works. To visit Developer Documentation, sign up today.

See the software development environment for yourself

Watch the video to get an overview on our software development environment.

Ready to transform the way you develop security camera apps? Sign up for a demo and get an up close look at how much faster and simpler you could be creating apps. We’ll demonstrate our revolutionary open OS in the way that’s best for you.

Get started with Azena


Get our full support

Start by exploring our developer documentation and downloading our toolchain.


Start developing

Get ready to transform what security cameras are capable of.

Camera Work

Test and refine

Run your app on a virtual device so you can see how to sharpen the user experience.

Apps 2

Publish your app

Set the price and availability per country of your app so you can monetize your creation at scale.

Develop for an open OS on a global scale

Ready to start developing security camera apps faster and easier than ever? Create a company account and access our suite of tools to simplify things.

For information about global coverage, check our currently supported countries. 

Application Store Guide

First steps in our IoT platform for smart security cameras

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For Developers

All you need to get started with the Application


Get in touch

Ready to learn just how much difference the new generation of security cameras could make? Let us explain what our platform could mean for you.

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