Welcome to ESCON! Azena's ecosystem conference for smart security stakeholders.


November 17 - 18, 2022

Allianz Arena | Munich

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Our annual ecosystem conference will be held in Allianz Arena at our home base of Munich, Germany. We are planning a two-day agenda for this year's conference: An Ecosystem Day for all our partners and a Developer Day dedicated to our developer partners.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Munich!

Please note that ESCON is an invite-only event.
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Hartmut Schaper

CEO at Azena


Madhav Varma

VP Product at Azena


Keven Marier

Vice President of Technology Partners at Milestone


Maciej Migacz

CEO at Noctuai

OMDIA - Oliver Philippou

Oliver Philippou

Research Manager - Physical Security at OMDIA

Group 9024

Rüdiger Trost

Manager Presales at WithSecure

Ecosystem Day (3) (1)

Ecosystem Day

November 17

Join the Azena Ecosystem Day filled with insightful presentations and talks by industry leaders and an exhibition - from partners to partners. We will wrap up the day with a unique networking and evening program at the arena. And we can't wait to reveal the winning project of the Azena Innovation Award 2022 during the dinner. Stay tuned for more details!

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Ecosystem Day Agenda


Diving Right In

  • Detailed updates on the Azena ecosystem, strategy, product features, and roadmap
  • Best practice presentations from and with Azena partners on how to run successful projects and build compelling solutions for customers on the Azena platform

Coffee Break & Exhibition


Integrations on the Azena Platform

  • Deep dives into integration capabilities with a focus on VMS integration
  • Success stories and partner presentations

Lunch Break & Exhibition


Market Dynamics in and Beyond Security

  • Analyst assessment of the security market
  • An outside look at cybersecurity and physical security
  • Panel of industry leaders discussing the state of the market

Coffee Break & Exhibition


What's Next for Us

  • Reflections on innovation and central paradigm shifts with concrete evidence from the market
  • Outlook on 2023 and an open floor for questions

Evening Program

  • Dinner, plenty of room to network and an inside look into Allianz Arena, home to world famous FC Bayern München
Partner Exhibition (1)

Partner Exhibition

November 17

How could coffee and lunch breaks be spent any better than with a roam through our partner exhibition? ESCON will be your chance to get to know 15 exhibiting companies and their solutions. The day will set a perfect foundation for the networking and evening program, which will await you after the daytime program. 

Developer Day (2) (1)

Developer Day

November 18

If you are developing applications for the Azena Application Store, are planning to do so, or are simply interested in AI applications, this is for you.

You can look forward to tech-savvy discussions and count on an exclusive sneak preview of the future updates for our developer community.

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Developer Day Agenda


What's New and What's Next

  • Everything new at Azena and what's to come for our development partners
  • Product workshop to jointly define the way forward

Coffee Break


Developing for Value and Simplicity

  • Deep Dives into key development tools from Azena
  • Best practices for efficient development and scaling opportunities

Lunch Break


Conquering the Video Analytics Market

  • Diving into the state of video analytics and the dynamics shaping the market for all of us
  • Inspirations for the way forward, best practices for success

End of ESCON

Group 8868

Azena Innovation Award 2022

ESCON is the best place to announce and celebrate the winning project of the Azena Innovation Award.

In case YOU would like to participate:

We will release detailed information about the project entry and requirements soon. Entries will be accepted until 10th October 2022. Your Azena Account Manager is happy to provide you with more information, so don't hesitate to reach out. 



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We hope these frequently asked questions and answers are helpful. If you still have any questions regarding ESCON 2022, please reach out to our Event Manager Nicole Skrzydel.

This conference is tailored to all our platform partners. In 2020 and 2021 our Azena Ecosystem Conference was held digitally and attracted hundreds of integrators, camera manufacturers, and app developers in the security industry. In 2022 we are inviting all our partners to join us for the in-person event in Munich.

This year we are hosting ESCON 2022 at the Allianz Arena, with great speakers joining us live on stage. We expect a lively exchange of knowledge and insights, and you are invited to participate in it!

You will be able to ask questions to specific speakers, join the Q&A session, interact and chat with all other participants, and participate in our polls. We will make this event an excellent experience for everyone!

Industry leader and experts from the security industry will speak about the newest trends and challenges. We invite you to join us at Allianz Arena to dive deeper into complex topics and insightful talks.

Additionally, you will learn about what happened at Azena in 2022 and which exciting projects are in the works.

ESCON is an invite-only event for our platform partners. If you have received an invitation to ESCON, please use the registration form above to confirm your participation.

For all ecosystem stakeholders.