Improve operational and environmental performance

AI Video Analytics for Oil & Gas

Turn your security cameras into smart sensors to reliably monitor oil & gas facilities with AI-enabled video analytics  

Azena for Energy

Increase accuracy of production monitoring

Azena’s Remote Monitoring Suite provides 95-99% accuracy for detecting and preventing gas and liquid leaks, smoking flares, and operator accidents

Azena Gas Leak Detection

Gas Leak Detection

Azena's Remote Monitoring Suite uses IR imaging to detect greenhouse gas leaks, reduce system downtime and promote sustainable operations.  

  • Predict asset failures months in advance to reduce production disruptions, maintenance and repair costs 
  • Save up to millions each year in penalties by detecting greenhouse gas emissions in real-time 
  • Quantify and verify emissions over time for regulatory approvals and reporting 
Azena Flare Monitoring

Flare Monitoring

Azena's Remote Monitoring Suite monitors flares for dark smoke and venting and sends real-time notifications to the site operator.  

  • Detect flame anomalies to promote clean flaring   
  • Reduce false alarms by up to 97% through reliable detection of dark gray to black color smoke even under cloudy skies, rain, fog, night, wind, etc.
  • Validate and quantify actual emissions over time for air permits and reporting purposes    
Azena Tank Level Monitoring

Tank Level Monitoring

Azena's Remote Monitoring Suite uses IR imaging to monitor tank levels to prevent liquid spills and hazardous conditions for workers.  

  • Prevent overflow of oil, water and other liquids 
  • Ensure consistent supply of liquids through reliable monitoring
  • Reduce effort and safety risks of manual monitoring 
Azena Personal Protective Equipment Detection

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) Detection

Azena's Remote Monitoring Suite increases accuracy and speed of security detection to optimize response times and worker safety.  

  • Monitor if site staff is wearing hard hats, security vests, safety glasses, etc. properly  
  • Detect if a person falls, lies motionless and alert site manager immediately to take action 
  • Comply with safety and health standards and reduce OSHA fines 

Frequently Asked Questions

Azena oil & gas applications

What other apps are part of the Remote Monitoring Suite?

Azena offers License Plate Recognition for automated site access management, Fire and Smoke Detection, Fall Detection and many other ready-to-use applications that help improve the performance of oil & gas facility assets. We can also quickly develop custom products leveraging our ecosystem of over 60 developer companies.

Azena edge-based analytics

Why should I choose edge-based analytics? 

Smart cameras have powerful processing capabilities, similar to smartphones. That means you can run AI-enabled analytics on the camera itself, eliminating any risk related to sending the video data to external cloud-based services. The cost-benefit from using smart cameras is enormous comparing to cloud-based analytics, which can cost up to a whopping $1.2M per year. 


How accurate is Azena’s Remote Monitoring Suite?

Azena AI-enabled video analytics provide a 95-99% accuracy for monitoring of oil & gas facilities. As a result, the technology helps to validate and quantify actual emissions over time for air permits and reporting purposes.



Can I retrofit my existing surveillance cameras to run Azena analytics?

Don’t worry! Your existing IP cameras can easily be retrofitted with an affordable, but powerful plug-in edge AI device on which Azena's Remote Monitoring Suite can be effortlessly deployed.



Can Azena integrate with my control, IT, and IoT systems?

The Azena platform for IP cameras supports a wide range of industry protocols, making it easier than ever to integrate with both, modern and legacy control systems, IoT platforms, and video management systems.



How secure is Azena's Remote Monitoring Suite?

AI-enabled video analytics powered by Azena offer built-in, proven cyber security features, including but not limited to APK protection, FOTA and secure user authentication. 


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