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BSTsecurity, a Canadian based company, is actively engaged in the security surveillance industry specifically the development of security surveillance solutions (CCTV cameras and VMS) for Industrial, commercial, Institutional, and enterprise-level clients.


A new camera series

BSTsecurity is proud to launch a new innovative camera concept for security surveillance based on an open ecosystem platform and the Operating System of Azena, where developers can upload customized apps combining infinite surveillance capabilities in a secure environment.

Azena-enabled BSTsecurity cameras

AI Edge Camera Series User Manual - BSTsecurity

AI Edge Camera Series User Manual

Key Feature:

  • How to configure the cameras

  • How to connect to the Azena Platform, buy and upload Video Analytic Apps

  • Camera health, privacy mask & network

  • Firmware

  • User management and much more


BSTsecurity and Azena

Partner with us

Whether you want to manufacture cameras with our OS, market apps through our Application Store, or sell our solution platform, contact us to learn more about how we can achieve more together.